Dr. John Garang Foundation was inspired by this quote of his. 

"...It is the same God who makes Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Azande, Bari, Lotuho, Taposa, Murle, Anyuak, etc, and who is this to amend God creations, the one makes amendment, I would say is against God. If this problem of my transfer to God I will win this case." By Dr. John Garang.   The opening ceremony will take place on Christian Weekend of Easter and Resurrection Observation time. 

The few reasons or purposes behind the great man [Dr. John Garang de Mabior] Foundation formations are: 

The Foundation will protect every South Sudanese (64th Tribes or more) and Sub-tribes identities as natural gifts that shouldn’t be exploited but preserved for future generations of every tribes or sub-tribes of ours. Either it is a single entity, big or small tribe or sub-tribe, doesn't matter at all. History is History, Language is Language or Dialect is Dialect as mother nature gives it to that particular community, sub-tribe. clan, so it must be respected as it is.

From now on, this Foundation would stand as deter between community [s] rights to protector of history/histories against histories exploiters. Based on foundation mission statement is to protects an individual community Language, Dialect, Identity as per South Sudanese nation Constitutions adhere to it as well. That means our people Histories, Languages, Dialects of South Sudan tribes or sub-tribes has to be preserved because they are critical parts of our heroes missions or visions whom they devoted most of their lives during our freedom fighting times with Khartoum regime. In addition too, we have to bear in our minds that Dr. John Garang himself and many other heroes of our new Nation of South Sudan did commit themselves for our co-existence mutual respects as another way preserves our people cultures or our oldest inheritances foundation since creation period. 

Lɔ̈ŋkuëi (Longkuei) Security will be formed under this Foundation to protect it intended missions. Also these Security personnel will be trained in computer skills and other securities requirements in United States and other parts of the world that on reachable level. Furthermore, the Lawyers and Longkuei Security personnel are going to work hands in hands to protects or supports our freedom heroes, widows, orphans, etc. through any possible ways.

Lawyers are going to be included under this Foundation to exerted their missions through citizens' rights protection in any court of laws, either in South Sudan and or around the globe.

Every 64th tribes [who knows, there could be more than given number though if more research being done later on] of South Sudan is going to be represented under this Foundation of Dr. John Garang de Mabior, and this inclusiveness could be determined by the Foundation progress through time factors and resources to support every missions, visions, programs and facilitation elements or assets. 

Every tribes or sub-tribes Languages or Dialects computerization of their alphabetical letters will be done through this Foundation missions. Also stuff like: Computer Keyboard design or software research for every tribe or sub-tribe Languages or Dialects the Foundation should stand tall for them basis on it abilities level in terms of resources.

Book publishing in any Languages or Dialects; Translations and Interpretations and many other programs too; would be carry out under this Foundation whenever the program is qualify to be attended under the Foundation.

Any individual that seems to be persistent with old mind-set of contempt, ignorant and/or being Advocating for wrong History that could cause any Tribes, Sub-tribes, and Clans conflict because he/she misappropriating histories or names could be punishable by policies severely under this Foundation wherever he/she might be residing around the world. Therefore, this mission would be the work of Longkuei Security and Lawyers associated or acquainted Foundation through any legal means. Also, everyone of citizens of new nation has to bear in mind that, our South Sudanese' heroes didn’t fight to leave some loopholes in their visions whereby many of them have sacrificed to let everyone of us be free and have rights to: Languages, Dialects, Identities, properties keeping ownership. Both Longkuei Security, Doctors and Lawyers under this Foundation will be given necessary tools through training of computer and other essentials apparatuses that are capable to facilitate their jobs around the world. Addition too, any individual, groups, entity, news makers, blogs, and others who are seem to be inciting conflicts through wrong tribal or sub-tribes identities or histories misplacement or wrongly writing, would be hunt-down around the globe wherever he/she lives by Foundation personnel. First, they have to be notify before actions being taken, either written message or calling. Also under this foundation, there would be no exception when it comes to suing an individual, groups, entity, organizations, and whoever has/have been able to distorted other tribes or sub-tribes offs their rights of identities, histories, names, etc. However, the warning should be sent a head of time to any violator of other communities’ identities, histories, names that have been proved beyond any doubt of our human beings logic basis on tribes or sub-tribes uniquely differentiating qualifications.

By the way, in hypothetical thinking, if there might be any reason whereby a tribe or sub-tribe in South Sudan might be having only two people, and those two people just speak one Language or Dialect. In our believes and Foundation purposes, there will be no exception to protect their rights under this Foundation. Because rights of owning things is Almighty gifts to them and there shouldn't by exploited by somebody else not entitled to. 

The Foundation will have no reservation when it comes to sponsor any social activities or programs that might be fully related to and/or somehow appropriate to it missions or visions intentions. For example, things like Education research in any disciplinary fields the Foundation has interests to pursue such as: Language and Dialects letters research, histories, documentaries [media form: traditional movies or contemporary movies, music, etc], sport & entertainment activities, peace & reconciliation programs, reliefs, culture Activities, scholarships, host fundraising, accept donations, etc. 

Scientifically, the Foundation has right to add-ons scientific investigate of any suspicious killings of individual or groups. Particularly; people who have suspicious about their love ones who have die in suspected or malicious activities. Under this point the Foundation will determine it own thoroughly investigation and carrying on in their own rights of scientific way like Forensic File analogy. This part would be linking with written investigations, and other form of investigations. The Foundation might decide what to takes or what not to take on through any obstacles or policies.

One of the main missions of this Foundation will be to educate the world communities about South Sudanese undiscovered rich and how uniquely diverse cultures of ours as it is.