Purpose:the purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized are: To receive and administer funds for a charitable purpose through fields such as; education purpose, relief services, scientific research about community histories, customs, medical support, scholarship, awards, arts, culture, and contemporary activities, protections, preservations and promotions.

Our Mission: is to educate the world about new nation of South Sudanese rich and the oldest cultures, Languages, Dialects, Arts & Crafts to the world communities who have no knowledge about South Sudanese diverse cultures, histories, etc.

The Vision
: is to preserves South Sudanese' cultures, Languages, arts and crafts and many other essentials histories to many generations’ fellows. This would be a good start, because there had never been accurate documentations of South Sudanese tribes, sub-tribes written, but now the research is going to be done under this foundation plus other projects like educating, promotions, protections, scholarships, sponsors, awards, research, relief and other services to South Sudanese people within the State of Michigan and South Sudan. Currently the country is trying to forge peace for its citizens, etc.