To receive and administer funds for a charitable purpose through fields such as; education purpose, relief services, scientific research about community histories, customs, medical support, scholarship, awards, arts, culture, and contemporary activities, protections, preservations and promotions.

Fundraising Purposes:

1. Dr. John Garang Foundation have a plan of Computer Training service, especially when this Foundation Fundraising is a success one though. The Foundation would like to hires computer expertise to train people from our South Sudanese community who are eager to learn some computer skills.

2. Also, the Foundation would like to increases computers at it center now, etc.

3. We might add Sewing Machines for training incase the Foundation be able to get enough funds.

4. Even ESL [English as Second Language] could be possible thing to do if we have Funds to pays our trainers. 5. Dinka Language or Dinka Language Computer Keyboard training could be possible too, Etc.


Foundation Announcement!!!


From today on until further notice, Dr. John Garang Foundation is going to accept donations of these items for South Sudanese supports:
1. Clothes.
2. Shoes [sneakers or working boots].
3. Flashlights
4. School Stationery such as: notebooks, pens, bottle of water, erasers, staplers, envelops, etc.
5. Blankets.
6. School bags.
7. Tablets and Desk Computers.
8. .Laptop computers
9. Bed sheet
10. Mosquito net

N/B: If you would like to donates any of the above items or stationery, please don't hesitate to contact foundation office ASAP to arrange that process. Also, if you are pleasing with what the foundation been doing through helping the elderly ones, women, children plus other needy persons in South Sudan. The foundation is seeking donations for shipping and processing as well, either in $3 or $5 dollars can make a significant impact. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Our contacts:
Dr. John Garang Foundation
2120 44th St. SE
Suite 201
Grand Rapids , MI 49508
Phone: 616-551-3165
Fax: 616-649-3083