Dr. John Garang Foundation was inspired by this quote of his. 

"...It is the same God who makes Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Azande, Bari, Lotuho, Taposa, Murle, Anyuak, etc, and who is this to amend God creations, the one makes amendment, I would say is against God. If this problem of my transfer to God I will win this case." By Dr. John Garang.   The opening ceremony will take place on Christian Weekend of Easter and Resurrection Observation time. 


 Announcement: Small update about Dr. J. Garang Foundation Open House that was announced on Facebook of 12/01/2019. As of today, the date has changed due to in conflicts of schedules with another local community event. That means the new date is going to be: 12/24/2019. Day of the week: Tuesday; Starting Time: 2:00 pm local time.  
Address: 1345 Monroe Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI