Current or future projects planning

1. South Sudanese' cultures, histories. archaeology, education research and scientific research aiming.
2. Dr. John Garang Foundation Relief might involve in medical, non-food items donations like clothes, shoes, school stationary like pencil, pen, textbook, school book bag plus supportive electronic devices like calculator and others.
3. This Foundation has rights to sponsor or donates any available resources to Dr. John Garang Schools whenever applicable and other schools as well.
4. Defending on foundation resources, scholarships would be one of the services to foundation.
5. The foundation can participate in training of people who are expertizes in their Languages or Dialects fields. This service might help them to go and work with some NGOs in South Sudan as Interpreters or Translators. 
7. Computer training, Languages and Dialects of South Sudanese research and documentation.
8. All of the above would happen if Foundation got financial ability though.